to May 18
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Friday, 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM , 11583 Camp Eden Rd Golden, CO 80403


We ask both Custom and Rental groups to abide by the following guidelines and standards of conduct. Please review them to be familiar with what we require for camp use.

Worship Atmosphere, Music, and Video Guidelines

  • As a ministry of Beth Eden Baptist Church, Camp Eden requests the use of conservative Christian music – both the music itself and the worship style.
  • Amplification - Any kind of indoor or outdoor amplification must be pre-approved by Camp Eden staff.
  • Style of Music - As a conservative Christian camp, we request that groups avoid playing or performing music that fall into the following categories: heavy metal, rock, and rap.  We also request that groups avoid using electric guitars and drumsets.  Electric keyboards and acoustic guitars are appropriate. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding music standards.
  • We do not permit dances or dancing at Camp Eden.  We do permit musical groups to rehearse or perform non-sensual choreography.
  • Videos – Rental or custom groups are welcome to use our audio/visual equipment to show their own videos.  However, we request that groups use discretion in selecting their videos.  Videos that have foul language, graphic violence, and sexual themes or content are not permitted.

Dress Guidelines

  • For Both Men and Women – Shorts should be to within two inches of the knee.  Please wear non-form fitting shirts that cover the entire midriff.
  • Swimming Attire –
    • Men – Shorts-style swimming suits are appropriate.
    • Women - One-piece swimming suits should be worn for any swimming event.
  • Shoes – Shoes or sandals must be worn around the campsite.

Camp Facilities

  • Wireless Internet Service – Camp Eden purposefully limits access to internet capabilities. Please inform the camp staff if you have a special need for internet access.
  • Camp Phone – Camp Eden phone may be used for short local phone calls.  Long distance calls should be made with a phone card.
  • Furniture - Please do not move or remove furniture.  Most of our furniture arrangement is based on county and state child care and health regulations.
  • Kitchen – The Camp Eden kitchen is for staff use only.  
  • Repairs – Please let the campsite manager know about any needed campsite repairs.

Health/Safety Guidelines

  • Special Diets – Camp Eden kitchen uses a variety of known allergens (nuts, milk, eggs, etc.) that may come into contact with your food. Since allergens are present in the entire kitchen and cross-contamination can easily occur, we cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment. Please contact the camp office if any of your group has an allergy or special diet of any kind, so we can best determine how to serve them well.
  • Hiking – All hikes that leave the campsite must be approved by Camp Eden staff.
  • Medical Representative – Groups staying longer than 72 hours are required by the state of Colorado to have a qualified medical personnel on the campsite at all times (minimum “First-Responder” certification).  Camp Eden may provide the services of a medical representative, if one is available.
  • Carey Rock – The large rock across from the main lodge, Carey Rock, is not to be used for hiking, climbing, or rappelling unless prior arrangement has been made with the Camp Eden staff.
  • Waterfront – Camp Eden lifeguard must be present for any waterfront activities.  Rental/Custom groups may provide their own lifeguard ONLY when 1) lifeguard can provide official documentation of certification and 2) Camp Eden has a copy of certification on file.
  • Vehicles – Campsite speed limit is 10 mph.  Please park vehicles in designated parking areas.

Personal Conduct Guidelines

  • Cabins/Housing – Groups are expected to assign separate cabins for men and women.  Only married couples are permitted to stay in the same cabin.
  • Couples - Unmarried couples are asked to refrain from any public display of affection.
  • Language - Offensive language or swearing is not permitted.
  • Property - Intentional abuse of camp property will not be tolerated.  Individuals responsible for damage will be asked to replace or repair property at their own expense.